Installing TRAC on Windows

Recently I needed to demo a ticketing application, and I chose to give Trac a try. However, I soon ran into version and compatibility problems, but after selecting the correct versions of the Trac components, I finally got the application to run.

You need:


  • Python installs from an .msi file
  • Make sure you add the Python directory to the system PATH variable
  • Install clearsilver.exe
  • Install pysqlite.exe (both installers find the Python 2.4 installation)
  • Extract the Trac archive, and follow the installation documentation (in the most basic version, this means:
  1. type “python install”
  2. enter the name of the Trac installation
  3. hit enter until finished
  • Open command prompt in the Scripts subdirectory of Python
  • Start the Trac demon
  1. cd c:\python24\scripts
  2. python tracd –port 8000 [trac installation path]
  • Point your browser to localhost:8000, you should see the Trac screen
  • Close command prompt (seems you cannot break or ctrl-Z python)
  • Create a batch file (.cmd or .bat) containing the two commands above
  • Extract runasservice
  • Install runasservice typing “install.cmd localsystem”
  • Edit the runasservice.exe.config file, add to section <service.settings>:
  • Start runasservice in the Service Manager
  • Open address in browser again
  • Should work

3 Responses to Installing TRAC on Windows

  1. awzm says:

    Hi Devio,

    I also wrote a guide on how to install Trac on a Windows box, no Apache. Your readers might find it interesting.

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