Remote Desktop Client in Full Screen Mode

I recently noticed a problem with Microsofts Remote Desktop Client (mstsc): it starts a terminal session in full-screen mode, but once I resize it to work in a local application, I cannot get it back into full-screen by double-clicking on the title bar, if the local screen resolution is higher than the server’s screen resolution.

I found the solution in Jeff Atwood’s Remote Desktop Tips at Coding Horror: it’s Ctrl+Alt+Break. Visit his page to find more helpful key combinations.

11 Responses to Remote Desktop Client in Full Screen Mode

  1. Henry says:

    Thank you for publishing this.

  2. Chris says:

    Thanks, first site I came across with this simple fix, thanks for republishing it!

  3. Hennley says:

    It’s perfect. A simple press of the keys and it’s fixed! Thank you. 🙂

  4. Chris says:

    Wow, here I am pressing F11, double clicking things, looking for some menu I can change the settings in, etc. It’s too simple, thanks a million for posting it!

  5. xpin says:

    wow,thanks for this.Struggled with this for almost the whole day

  6. Rodrigo Gama says:

    What if I don’t have a break key? Any further tip?

  7. Elias says:

    Thank you for publishing this tip!

  8. subhrajit says:

    excellent! thanks a ton!

  9. Those who don’t have “break” button on your keyboard, look for the “pause” function key at the right “shift” button.

    If your keyboard is like mine, just press [ctrl + fn + alt +right shift] instead.

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