Analyze ASP.Net Source Code with graspx

This series describes how to analyze ASP.Net source code. Follow the graspx category for more articles.

QueryString Parameters

To find out which query string parameters your pages are expecting, run:

graspx -col 1,5 l QueryStringField

Database Statements

To retrieve all SQL statements your application is issuing, use the following commands:

graspx -col 1,5 l SelectCommand
graspx -col 1,5 l InsertCommand
graspx -col 1,5 l UpdateCommand
graspx -col 1,5 l DeleteCommand

This also lists the aspx file name. If you want the SQL statements only, set the -col parameter to 5.

The output of these commands can be further analyzed to check whether the referenced tables and stored procedures are still in use.

graspx is available for download here.

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