Analyze User Control usage and Hyperlinks

This series describes how to analyze ASP.Net source code.

Which page links where

To find hard-coded links in your ASP.Net pages, retrieve the NavigateUrl and DataNavigateUrlFormat properties, like this:

graspx -col 1,5 l NavigateUrl
graspx -col 1,5 l DataNavigateUrlFormatString

Which User Controls are used in my application

To list which page registered which user control, run:

graspx -col 1,5 l Src

If you omit the page name in the output, you can count how many pages reference a given User Control:

graspx -col 5 -count l Src

Which assemblies do your pages rely on?

graspx -col 5 l Assembly

Which Session Fields does your application reference?

graspx -col 5 -count l SessionField

graspx is available for download here.

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