One Year devioblog – a Summary

I started this blog one year ago to write about topics that I deal with in my software projects, mostly about MS SQL Server and Asp.Net programming.

Since September 2007, this activity generated 71 posts (I did not realize I was publishing an article about every 5 days!) and 20.000 views (says my stats page).

In this time, I also released 3 freeware programs to the public: SchemaFind, graspx, and SMOscript (downloads here).

From the list of Top Posts, my personal favorites are those about automatically building Visual Studio solutions and automated project releases here, here, here, and here.

Sometimes I also documented software installation procedures if I thought I had run into unusual problems: TRAC, Bugzilla, or GForge.

And occasionally I was simply enjoying working with Visual Studio (2005), SQL Server (2005), and C#. 🙂

To be continued…

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