Introducing dbscript

I mentioned in some of my previous posts, that I developed a database tool that I use for the development of other projects.

Now I find it is time to release it to the public, and I name it… dbscript.

The main functionality covers:

  • Import and upload of database schemas
  • Scripting imported schemas
  • Scripting table values of databases
  • Generating scripts to script table values
  • Generating C# const or enum definitions based on table data
  • Comparing database schemas
  • Generating a database schema migration script from these comparisons
  • Generating XML-based documentation of database objects
  • Storing T-SQL code snippets which can be run on accessible databases

dbscript is an ASP.Net web application with an SQL Server database.

It requires IIS, .Net 2.0 with Ajax Control Toolkit installed, and an SQL Server 2000 or 2005 database.

Since my main software projects usually require 2000 functionality, it is tested on SQL Server 2000, but also covers SQL Server 2005.

Since support for SQL Server 2005-specific objects is not complete, it is not a 1.00 release; rather I chose version 0.91 to indicate its functionality is very close to a version 1.

An evaluation version of dbscript (restricted to 10 schemas) is available for download. See online help for installation instructions.

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