Wiki Documentation from MSSQL Database Schema

The upcoming version 0.92 of my database tool dbscript provides the functionality to generate XML documents on single objects as well as on the whole database schema. Using XSLT, this XML document can then be transformed into any XML-based or text-based representation of the schema information.

In a recent post, I demoed the function on a table out of dbscript’s data model. The result of an XSLT applied to the XML representing AdventureWorks’ Person.Contact can be viewed here.

New functionality allows an XSL to be applied on the XML result of the database schema (called ProjectVersion in dbscript), and the result is an overview of the whole database catalog in MediaWiki syntax. This list shows all objects in AdventureWorks (MSSQL 2005) and is a direct and unmodified output of dbscript.

Since you are free to add and edit XSL style sheets in dbscript, users can adapt the XSL to reflect any kind of syntax their wikis use.

2 thoughts on “Wiki Documentation from MSSQL Database Schema

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