Generating XML from Database Schema and Table Data

As described in my previous posts on dbscript, version 0.92 supports generation of XML files based on schema information imported from an SQL Server database or uploaded via SQL files containing CREATE statements for all supported object types.

I provided two examples of how these XML files can be used by XSL transformations integrated into dbscript to generate wiki content.

In this post, I will introduce the capability to generate a Stored Procedure which in turn generates an XML representation of data stored in a database table.

Currently, the XML script generator supports 3 modes, called:

  • Field Elements
  • Column Name Elements
  • Column Name Attributes

to reflect the various ways data can be mapped onto XML.

The root element for all XML data files is named <data>, its child elements <table> have the attributes name and schema. Each record within a table is marked by the element <record>, its attributes being the names of the defined primary key columns.

All examples are constructed from tables of the dbscript database.

Field Elements

Field Elements mode have <field name=”column name”> child elements, with the record field values as node texts:

<table name="ProjectVersionType" schema="dbo">
  <record OID="1">
    <field name="OID" datatype="int">1</field>
    <field name="ID" datatype="nvarchar">Major</field>
    <field name="DispSeq" datatype="int">100</field>

Column Name Elements

The child elements of the <record> element are named according to the column names of the table:

<table name="ObjectType" schema="dbo">
  <record OID="1" >
    <OID datatype="int">1</OID>
    <ID datatype="nvarchar">Table</ID>
    <ProgID datatype="varchar">Table</ProgID>
    <SysobjectType datatype="varchar">U</SysobjectType>
    <Seq2000 datatype="int">100</Seq2000>
    <Seq2005 datatype="int">100</Seq2005>
    <WikiTitleFormat datatype="nvarchar">_(table)</WikiTitleFormat>

Column Name Attributes

The <record> element contains attributes according to the column names of the table:

<table name="ScriptType" schema="dbo">
    ID="T-SQL Value Script"

The latest version of dbscript (0.92) is available for download here.

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