Introducing automssqlbackup

There are many ways to automatically backup MS SQL Server databases even if you use an Express version and do not have SQL Agent installed.

I sketched one possible solution some time ago, calling T-SQL commands from a batch file which is executed as a Scheduled Task.

If you are running MySQL databases under Linux, you may be aware of a tool called automysqlbackup, which runs as a cron job, creates dumps of MySQL databases and rotates daily and weekly backups.

During the last couple of days I translated this script into PowerShell to backup MS SQL Server databases in a similar way.

automssqlbackup provides the following functionality:

  • Local or Remote backup
  • Rotation of daily and weekly backups
  • Optionally zipping backups
  • Logging
  • Notifications by e-mail

The first release of automssqlbackup is version 0.25 to reflect the current version 2.5 of automysqlbackup, which it is based on.

automssqlbackup is available for download here.

5 thoughts on “Introducing automssqlbackup

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  4. How does this script pick which ones to archive. Out of 20 DB’s that it backed up, it only archived 2 of them. Thanks.

    • Generally, *every* .bak should be zipped. Although I occasionally notice that a .bak is not deleted, but this happens quite rarely.
      Make sure you use the latest version which zips using SharpZipLib rather than Explorer’s zipped “folders”.

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