New Features in dbscript 0.95

The latest version 0.95 of dbscript adds new functionality:

Data Diagram generation

dbscript 0.95 adds the capability to generate Data Diagrams from imported and uploaded SQL Server database schemas.

This allows you to get a quick overview of a database schema. It is also useful if you plan to manually create a data diagram in Management Studio, and need some visual help of how to layout the diagram.

ScrewTurn Wiki Page Provider

In addition to the ScrewTurn documentation generator introduced in dbscript 0.94, the latest version includes a Page Provider which you add in the Administration panel of your ScrewTurnWiki installation.

Configure the Documentation Generator plugin with the same ConnectionString you use in your dbscript web application.

Next, create a Documentation Generator of type ScrewTurn Page Provider, and define its contents. After you generate, ScrewTurn Wiki displays the selected Project Version information. (You may need to restart the ScrewTurn web application)

Summary of Output generated by dbscript

This is a list of output samples generated by dbscript based on MS AdventureWorks sample database:

Value Scripts

C# const int declarations of a dbscript Table

VB.Net Const Integer declarations of a dbscript Table

Project Version / Database Schema

Data Diagram of MS AdventureWorks database

Documentation Generators

MediaWiki Documentation of MS AdventureWorks database

Single Object documentation in MediaWiki format

Single HTML File documentation of MS AdventureWorks

ScrewTurn Wiki Documentation of MS AdventureWorks database

ScrewTurn Wiki Page Provider Documentation of MS AdventureWorks database

The latest version of dbscript is available for download here.

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