Upgrading SMO 2005 to SP3

The original SMO 2005 library does not support connections to MS SQL Server 2008. Trying to connect results in a exception with the message

This SQL Server version (10.0) not supported.

I had downloaded and installed the MS SQL Server 2005 Management Objects Collection only on my PC and wanted to upgrade to SP3, only to find that there is no separate download of SMO 2005 SP3.

So I downloaded SQL Server 2005 Express SP3 and started the installer. However there was no simple option to upgrade SMO (or XMO) only, and I did not want to install the database engine on this machine.

The solution I found was to leave the installer open, go to the installer’s temporary directory (in c:\ root, name consisting of 20 hex digits), and from the Setup subdirectory started SqlRun_Tools.msi.

This upgraded the SMO objects to SP3 level, and resolved the cause of the exception.

2 Responses to Upgrading SMO 2005 to SP3

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  2. Aaron Hilton says:

    I spent all day today trying to figure this out, and found that SMO from the December 2008 release has the SQL Server 2008 support:

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