Implementing a Feedback form

If you want to implement a feedback form for your application or web application without relying on the user configuring mail accounts etc., the simplest solution may be a web service which the application will access to deliver the message.

We would want the user to enter name, email address, and the message. Minimal validation would require the user to enter non-blank values for each field using a RequiredFieldValidator.

Additionally, we can check the email address for formal constraints using regular expressions, but this is quite tricky. Checking the name field for validity seems impossible.

Additionally, the application should also provide its name and version.

Thus, our web service looks something like this:

 public string PostFeedback(string Application, string Version, 
    string Name, string Email, string Message)

It’s up to you what logic you implement in the web service handler. I chose to check application and version, and send an email to the contact stored for the application.

The web service returns a message to the user notifying successful receipt of the feedback (or an error message) which the invoking application finally displays.

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