Documenting Oracle Databases

The latest version of dbscript 0.96 now supports importing schema information from Oracle databases.

Version 0.96 introduces the separation of various database engines (previous versions assumed MSSQL Server only), and a dbscript Project must now explicitly define which database engine it is based on (MSSQL or Oracle).

In the database properties form for “live” databases, you can define the Oracle connection in two ways:

  • set “Server” to the instance name listed inside tnsnames.ora and leave “Catalog” empty
  • set “Server” to server:port, and “Catalog” to the service name (as in tnsnames.ora)

A new field called “Import Options” allows you to define the scope of the schema import:

  • “USER” (the default value)
  • “ALL:” + list of user names
  • “DBA:” + list of user names

The user specified in “Username” needs to have access to the ALL_ and DBA_ catalog views, respectively.

Sample Output based on the HR Demo Database

Wiki documentation of Oracle Demo Schema

Single HTML documentation of Oracle Demo Schema

Data Diagram of Oracle Demo Schema:

To access Oracle databases, dbscript requires ODP.Net from the Oracle Data Access Components 11g to be installed on the web server.

dbscript is available for download here.

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