Listing database properties using SMO

Recently I came across a couple of questions asking how to retrieve the physical file names of databases via SMO on Stackoverflow.

These questions prompted me to add a “List Database Properties” function to SMOscript.

This new function lists all database properties accessible via SMO, the DatabaseOptions object, and the database’s FileGroups and Files.

Sample output:

C:\Projects\smoscript>smoscript -s localhost -d dbscript2dev db
Database dbscript2dev on server localhost:

Current user dbo is DBO DbOwner

Owner DOMAIN\User Created 26.03.2008 21:23
Accessible True Updatable True SystemObject False
Status Normal CompatibilityLevel Version80
Size 386 MB SpaceAvailable 148.694 kB
DataSpaceUsage 133.016 kB IndexSpaceUsage 15.984 kB
PrimaryFilePath C:\Programme\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\data
Default FileGroup PRIMARY Schema dbo
Collation Latin1_General_CI_AS CaseSensitive False
FullTextEnabled False
LastBackup 20.06.2009 03:01
LastLogBackup 11.09.2008 23:50
ActiveConnections 0

Options AnsiNullDefault False AnsiNullsEnabled False AnsiPaddingEnabled False An
siWarningsEnabled False ArithmeticAbortEnabled False AutoClose False AutoCreateS
tatistics True AutoShrink False AutoUpdateStatistics True CloseCursorsOnCommitEn
abled False ConcatenateNullYieldsNull False DatabaseOwnershipChaining True Local
CursorsDefault False NumericRoundAbortEnabled False PageVerify TornPageDetection
 QuotedIdentifiersEnabled False RecoveryModel Full RecursiveTriggersEnabled True
 UserAccess Multiple

Filegroup PRIMARY
 Default True ReadOnly False Size 318.208 MB
 File dbscriptdev_Data
 Path C:\Programme\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\data\dbscript2dev.mdf
 Primary True
 Size 318.208 MB MaxSize unlimited
 Used 176.768 kB Available 141.440 kB
 Growth 10 %

Logfile dbscriptdev_Log
 Path C:\Programme\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\data\dbscript2dev_log.ldf
 Size 76.736 MB MaxSize unlimited
 Used 70.090 kB
 Growth 10 %

The latest version 0.12 of SMOscript is available for download here.

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