automssqlbackup Update 0.30

A user of automssqlbackup notified me of two problems with the program:

  • If you try to backup a database running on a named SQL Server instance (server\instance), creation of the log file caused an error as the “\” is handled like a directory separator, and the server directory could not be found.
  • If there is an exception during backup (executed by SMO’s SqlBackup method), the exception message is not displayed.

Both problems are fixed in the latest version 0.30 of automssqlbackup.

Note: By default, automssqlbackup performs a full backup on Sundays, and incremental backups on all other days. So if you run automssqlbackup during the week, and you never (fully) backed up your databases before, you will get an exception for the databases without full backups.

automssqlbackup is available for download here.

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