Comfort Zones

Bjarne Stroustrup says in a recent interview with devx (on page 2):

I object to the “Joe Coder” moniker. At best, it is patronizing. Realistically we are all “Joe Coder” outside our little comfort zones. Modern software is far too complex for a single person to be more than a novice in most aspects. I’m “Joe Coder” most of the time, and so are you.

How true!

Looking back, my “comfort zones” have been so far (in chronological order):

  • Basic (Spectrum, QL)
  • Turbo Pascal
  • dBase/Clipper
  • Delphi (for a looong time)
  • ASP+VBScript
  • ASP.Net+C#+TSQL (current)

(TSQL took me quite some time to feel comfortable, and it really is not as comfortable as C#)

150th post, so nothing technical today 😉

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