Version 0.98 of dbscript Released

The latest version 0.98 of dbscript supports PostgreSQL databases in its documentation generation capabilities.

After importing the database dictionary (via direct connection using ADO.Net and Npgsql) can document a PostgreSQL database in all currently supported documentation format:


Data Diagram (PNG)


ScrewTurn wiki

Integration support for PostgreSQL had some consequences: More and more functionality is handled separately for each database engine.

Database import was obviously the first one, since the data access classes (SqlConnection, SqlCommand) in .Net are different for every database library. Same goes for the database dictionary, which is best retrieve from the native system catalogs.

For import and upload, data access classes have been introduced to distinguish the different object types and their properties of each database engine. I mention work on the data access classes in a series of articles already.

In version 0.98, XML generation and object script generation are implemented separately. This results in XSL style sheets being now related to certain a database engine.

For Oracle, XML and object script generation have been updated, and the XSL style sheets have been adjusted to Oracle-specific objects and properties. The results were documented earlier.

The latest version of dbscript is available for download here.

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