Blogging for Two Years

This blog is now running for 2 years, and sometimes I feel that there is more to write about than I find time to actually type.

During the last 12 months, I released various versions of dbscript, my database scripting / versioning / comparison / documentation tool, and added support for Oracle and PostgreSQL databases beside the previous MSSQL-only functionality.

automssqlbackup is a PowerShell script which creates backups of MSSQL databases and rotates the generated and/or zipped backup files, and has also experienced a couple of updates since its first release.

Just the numbers, please: 78,000 views, 164 posts, 1,300 downloads in 2 years.

Interestingly, my older posts on building and publishing Visual Studio projects from the command line, and Selenium tests are still those generating most views.

But I need to note that the newer articles on code generation, documentation generation, and data access layers are increasingly attracting interest.

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