Multi-Version Comparison – Timeline

Results of multi-version comparisons can be displayed as a matrix, where each element displays the number of differences between the versions indicated by row and column. The main diagonal remains empty.

Revised matrix, showing versions in chronological order (instead of reversed order):

If you have available the set of all comparisons, you can also pick out the most relevant (in my opinion): order the versions by date, use only the comparisons between two (chronologically) adjacent versions, and display a timeline of database object changes:

The timeline has a row for each database objects that has ever changed in any of the schemas (= project versions). Symbols in columns indicate whether an object was present in a project version (box), or has changed (create, alter, drop) between two versions.

The symbols will be hyperlinked to existing pages displaying the original information in the database (object in project version or object in comparison).

2 thoughts on “Multi-Version Comparison – Timeline

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