Scripting all MS SQL Databases using SMOscript

SMOscript user Eric reported that the tool fails to script all remaining objects of a database once an error occurs trying to generate a CREATE PROCEDURE statement for an encrypted stored procedure.

This problem has been fixed in the latest version 0.14 which is now available for download.

Based on his feedback I want to demonstrate more capabilities of SMOscript:


While SMOscript does not implement log file functionality, you can still redirect its output to files from the command line using the standard shell redirectors >, >> and 2>.

smoscript ...parameters... >filename.log 2>filename.err

Scripting all databases on a server

To script all databases of a server into separate files in distinct directories, you can use SMOscript to first list all databases, then invoke SMOscript to script each database in the original list:

set basepath=c:\path\to\output\
set first=

for /f in "usebackq" %%i in (`smoscript -s localhost`) do ↵
                                         (set db=%%i& call :smo)
goto :end


if "%first%"=="." (
    echo database %db%
    mkdir %basepath%%db%
    smoscript -s localhost -d %db% -f %basepath%%db%\create.sql ↵
                                         > %basepath%%db%.log
set first=.

goto :eof

The first line of “smoscript -s” is not a database name, so we include it from the list by using the variable named “first”.

The simple combination of SMOscript with a bit of shell magic can be quite efficient.

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