Bad (MS SQL Server) habits to kick

Aaron Bertrand of is writing a great series called Bad habits to kick, and two of his articles cover issues similar to some of my more recent posts:

Choosing the wrong data type deals with all SQL Server data types, where I only compared NVARCHAR vs VARCHAR. (Although I have to admit, I guess I won’t kick my habit of declaring INT integers even if the values never exceed 1-byte or 2-byte values 😉 )

His article on Inconsistent naming conventions reads like a confirmation of some articles of my series on Data Model Checks, where I described how to check naming conventions for tables and other objects, columns, and constraints and indexes.

Remember that consistency in naming and typing improves efficiency in programming. Once you decided for some kind of conventions, your need to look up column names and data types in the table definitions will reduce as it will become “obvious” for the programmers which column name uses which data type, and how a table or stored procedure is named exactly.

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