dbscript New Version 0.99

The latest version 0.99 of dbscript has been released today providing new functionality and a couple of fixes.

Data diagrams looked a bit distorted if the data model contained circular foreign key constraints. I sketched the problem in my article on cycle detection, and the data diagram now excludes circular foreign keys in the calculation of the tables’ positions.

Comparison results can be restricted to “scopes”, such as new objects only, dropped objects only, etc. This makes it easier to generate schema migration scripts without dropping objects, for example.

Documentation Generators provide a preview to the generated content, and the generated XML now contains the project and project version identifiers to enable linking and referencing in the generator’s output.

Scripting a table in the object’s Generate/Create page now includes all constraints and indexes. (The project version script always included child objects). The same applies to object comparisons of tables, so that changes to indexes etc are easily identifiable.

New Functions

Besides generating .png data diagrams, dbscript now has the capability to generate data diagrams for Dia, an open-source diagrammer. The layout routine is the same as for png’s, but the output is Dia’s native XML format. Generating for Dia means that developers can freely layout and edit the diagram according to their needs, and export it to other formats. I described this feature earlier, and included samples.

Schema comparison is one basic feature of dbscript, and the new version compares multiple versions in one operation. After defining which schema versions to compare, you get a comparison matrix showing the number of differences between any two versions.

If the selected versions are versions of the same schema at different points of time, the comparison timeline shows each object ever changing in any of the versions, along with an indicator of the change.

Within a project, you can define Branches (as known from version control systems) and assign project versions to a branch. This alone would not be too overwhelming, but branches are a precondition of the update notification system, which I will describe in a future post.

The latest version of dbscript is available for download here.

Please leave comments and feedback.

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