Entity Designer opens edmx file only once, and other VS bugs

I found that Entity Designer in Visual Studio 2008 has some strange bugs.

→ One issue is that the installation of Visual Studio can open an .edmx file only once. Double-clicking on the edmx in the Solution Explorer after closing the file will simply expand and collapse the edmx node, but the file does not open. (Strangle, a fellow programmer never experienced this behavior on his machine).

But, I’m not alone, and somebody else already described a solution for the bug:

Right-click the edmx file, choose Open with… and select XML Editor to open the file. Close it, then the Entity Designer will open the next time (once).

→ Another issue is that VS freezes if you open the edmx in Entity Designer and navigate through it when the file is not checked out from TFS.

→ And then I wonder why, as Entity Designer implements auto-routing of foreign keys, it sometimes loses some connection points, and the connections/relations end somewhere in the diagram, instead of ending at the referencing entities, and the lines are criss-cross instead of horizontal or vertical.

→ And if you delete an entity from the diagram, the underlying object still remains in the edmx, and there is no way the Designer allows you to add the deleted entity. You either have to re-create it manually, which is cumbersome.

The solution I found was to rename the object in the database, execute Update Model so that Designer drops the object, rename the object back to its original name, and Update Model again.

→ And if you create a function mapping for a stored procedure, and define the return type as any of the entities, then the stored procedure needs to return a SELECT with the *mapped column names* instead of the original datamodel column names. In my opinion, this behavior breaks the concept of “mapping”.

→ And if you create a function mapping for a stored procedure with a SELECT that is not mappable to an entity, or returns no result or an integer result, you won’t find the mapped function in your C# code, because the generator does not create any code for it. The same is true for user defined SQL functions.

(Actually I found a solution for the missing stored procedure code generation, which I will post here soon)

Some of these issues can also be found on Connect. If you have a solution, please let me know.

Certain things will always remain a mystery to me 😉

2 Responses to Entity Designer opens edmx file only once, and other VS bugs

  1. […] provides an analysis and a workaround to the problem that Entity Designer opens an edmx file only once. His solution is for 64bit XP though, and differs from the 32bit Windows solution in the registry […]

  2. chrisbarba says:

    FYI, the opening/close not reopening issue has been resolved with the next version of EF.


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