SMOscript 0.15

Version 0.15 of SMOscript fixes a bug when scripting the CREATE statements for AD-based users.

The problem resulted from the assumption that the name of every SQL Server database object can be taken as the file name for the generated script, which is for AD users only true if there is a directory named as the domain of those users.

Version 0.15 now translates every character in an object name that is not a valid filename character into a dot.

The lastest version of SMOscript is available for download here.

2 Responses to SMOscript 0.15

  1. Michael Blanchard says:

    I have a need to script particular objects at certain times. Not just “all” objects. In other words I would like the ability to generate a script for a “view” that I pass to SMOsript. Is that possible? Thanks

  2. […] This feature has been requested recently. […]

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