Collation Support in SQL Server Versions

MS SQL Server adds new collations with every version. MSDN described the naming conventions of Windows collations and lists the Windows collation names supported in SQL Server.

This is the list of collations each SQL Server version (2000, 2005, 2008) supports (all suffixes such as _BIN, _BIN2, _AI, _AS, _CI, _CS, _KS, _WS removed):

Name 2000 2005 2008
Albanian x x x
Arabic x x x
Assamese x
Azeri_Cyrillic x x
Azeri_Latin x x
Bashkir x
Bengali x
Bosnian_Cyrillic x
Bosnian_Latin x
Breton x
Chinese_Hong_Kong_Stroke x x
Chinese_PRC x x x
Chinese_PRC_Stroke x x x
Chinese_Simplified_Pinyin x
Chinese_Simplified_Stroke_Order x
Chinese_Taiwan_Bopomofo x x x
Chinese_Taiwan_Stroke x x x
Chinese_Traditional_Bopomofo x
Chinese_Traditional_Pinyin x
Chinese_Traditional_Stroke_Count x
Chinese_Traditional_Stroke_Order x
Corsican x
Croatian x x x
Cyrillic_General x x x
Czech x x x
Danish_Greenlandic x
Danish_Norwegian x x x
Dari x
Divehi x x
Estonian x x x
Finnish_Swedish x x x
French x x x
Frisian x
Georgian_Modern_Sort x x x
German_PhoneBook x x x
Greek x x x
Hebrew x x x
Hindi x
Hungarian x x x
Hungarian_Technical x x x
Icelandic x x x
Indic_General x x
Japanese x x x
Japanese_Bushu_Kakusu x
Japanese_Unicode x x x
Japanese_XJIS x
Kazakh x x
Khmer x
Korean * x x
Korean_Wansung * x x
Lao x
Latin1_General x x x
Latvian x x x
Lithuanian x x x
Lithuanian_Classic x
Macedonian_FYROM * x x
Maltese x
Maori x
Mapudungan x
Modern_Spanish x x x
Mohawk x
Nepali x
Norwegian x
Pashto x
Persian x
Polish x x x
Romanian x x x
Romansh x
Sami_Norway x
Sami_Sweden_Finland x
Serbian_Cyrillic x
Serbian_Latin x
Slovak x x x
Slovenian x x x
Syriac x x
Tamazight x
Tatar x x
Thai x x x
Tibetan x
Traditional_Spanish x x x
Turkish x x x
Turkmen x
Uighur x
Ukrainian x x x
Upper_Sorbian x
Urdu x
Uzbek_Latin x x
Vietnamese x x x
Welsh x
Yakut x

*: Different names in SQL Server 2000:  Korean_Wansung, Korean_Wansung_Unicode, Macedonian.

This information has been retrieved with the fn_helpcollations() function.

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