Splitting long text columns into multiple NVARCHAR records

Management Studio truncates strings displayed in the result grid which keeps you from viewing the whole string stored in a text column.

A question on Stack Overflow made me create this SELECT statement to split long strings into several records:

SELECT texts.id, 
       SUBSTRING(texts.text_column, number*100+1, 100)
    (SELECT texts.id, texts.text_column, 
        (99+LEN(texts.text_column))/100 AS l
     FROM texts) AS texts
    (SELECT TOP(l) number
     FROM master.dbo.spt_values val
     WHERE name IS NULL
     ORDER BY number) n

In this example, the resulting strings are 100 characters long. The built-in table master.dbo.spt_values contains integer values from 0 to 2047.

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