SMOscript 0.16

Version 0.16 of SMOscript includes an option to script just a single object.

Using the option -o [schema.]name, one can reduce the output of SMOscript to an object matching the name, or combination. All child objects (triggers, constraints) will be included.

This feature has been requested recently.

The complete set of parameters of SMOscript looks like this:

smoscript 0.16.3665.39354 (c) by 2008-2010

    list and script databases and database objects.

    usage: smoscript [options] [command]

    options: (leading '-' or '/')

    -s server       server name
    -d database     database name
    -o [schema.]object  object name
    -u username     username (default: integrated authentication)
    -p password     password (if -u is missing, password for sa)

    -r              generate DROP statements
    -i              include IF NOT EXISTS statements

    -f filename     output to file
    -F directory    output to directory

    -A              current ANSI codepage
    -O              ASCII
    -T              Unicode
    -U              UTF8


    l       list databases on server (implied by -s)
            list objects in database (implied by -s -d)
    s       script all objects (implied by -s -d -F/-f)
            script single object (implied by -s -d -o)
    db      list database properties

The lastest version of SMOscript is available for download here.

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