wpxslgui – WordPress XML Export Converter

wpxslgui is a Windows application which converts an XML File generated by the WordPress Export function into an HTML or Word HTML document.

This new program is based the two XSL style sheets I created earlier to process WordPress XML Exports: the “Single HTML” XSL and the “Table of Contents” XSL.

The program’s features are:

  • Convert WordPress XML to HTML Table of Contents with links to the original blog
  • Convert WordPress XML to a single HTML file allowing filter by category (JavaScript)
  • Convert WordPress XML to Word HTML document (can be saved as .doc or .docx in Word)

Simply download wpxslgui, export your WordPress blog to XML, and convert into any of the supported output formats.

Let me know what you think about it 😉

10 thoughts on “wpxslgui – WordPress XML Export Converter

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  4. Love the tool but I have some feature requests – sorting of blog entries by date and support for UTF-8. I need to do find and replace for characters such as åäöÅÄÖ

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