wpxslgui – WordPress XML Export Converter

wpxslgui is a Windows application which converts an XML File generated by the WordPress Export function into an HTML or Word HTML document.

This new program is based the two XSL style sheets I created earlier to process WordPress XML Exports: the “Single HTML” XSL and the “Table of Contents” XSL.

The program’s features are:

  • Convert WordPress XML to HTML Table of Contents with links to the original blog
  • Convert WordPress XML to a single HTML file allowing filter by category (JavaScript)
  • Convert WordPress XML to Word HTML document (can be saved as .doc or .docx in Word)

Simply download wpxslgui, export your WordPress blog to XML, and convert into any of the supported output formats.

Let me know what you think about it 😉

10 Responses to wpxslgui – WordPress XML Export Converter

  1. […] working on wpxslgui, I noticed that newer versions of the WordPress XML export format included the atom: namespace […]

  2. […] Export your WordPress blog to XML, and convert into any of the supported output formats. […]

  3. MyFamily says:

    Rückzug in die Anonymität…

    …oder wie erstelle ich aus meinem Blog ein Buch Was ein Titel, bei dem man Gott weiß was denken könnte, aber es geht eigentlich darum wie man seinen Blog in ein Buch verwandelt, oder einfach nur in ein PDF/Word Dokument. Ich greife hiermit einmal den A…

  4. netocc says:

    Thanks a lot. Can´t believe how hard it was to find such a feature.

  5. Halina says:

    Thank you so much – exactly what I need – and it was hard to find.

  6. Peter says:

    Love the tool but I have some feature requests – sorting of blog entries by date and support for UTF-8. I need to do find and replace for characters such as åäöÅÄÖ

  7. Stimbus says:

    Program doesn’t work. It creates a file that word cannot open. Just says there’s a problem with this file. Gives me no other data than that.

  8. […] I used the opportunity to fix the file operations to read and write UTF-8 encoded files, as was suggest in a previous comment. […]

  9. Poeta says:

    The conversion is not keeping the order of the date of posts

  10. […] I’m building a web portfolio site for a school project and want to have my awesome, engaging blog on the website. I found out I can export my blogs from wordpress.com but they were in XML format. I searched online and found a great software that converts this file into and HMTL file with links to your blog or it can actual embed the blogs in the page. The software was on Devio.Wordpress […]

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