Integrated Database Versioning and Documentation with dbscript 1.01

I have written about the planned features for dbscript 1.01 in recent posts, and the new version was released yesterday.

This is the updated table of Documentation Generators in dbscript 1.01:

Generated Documentation

MS SQL Server Oracle PostgreSql
dbscript HTML view
dbscript Single HTML view
HTML (single file) view view view
MediaWiki view view view
ScrewTurn Wiki (V2) view view view
ScrewTurn Wiki (V3) view view view
Word HTML view

The Documentation Generators in the first two lines are part of the dbscript web application (see demo links above).

This means that a developer can import a database schema (or upload a SQL DDL script) which will be stored as a version of a schema or database, define a Documentation Generator, and immediately view all information on this schema inside dbscript without requiring a third party application.

Developers are free to adjust the shipped XSLT style sheets according to their layout and content needs.

Documentation Contents

All XSLTs have been cleaned up to include information about table constraints and indexes, view indexes and triggers, and database triggers.

The information about table indexes is now displayed in separate tables, rather than inside the columns table.

Documentation also includes descriptions of database objects and columns.

Generic Projects

Users can create generic (i.e. database-independent) projects, if they just require the Versioning, UpdateNotifications and Installations features.

Other features

  • Administrators can now delete a whole project with all its information in one go.
  • Acknowledgements page
  • Creating a Documentation Generator adds default Generator Parts for easier setup

dbscript is available for download here.

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