Managing Update Notifications with dbscript

dbscript keeps track of all versions of a Project. This information can be used (and is being used) to provide update notifications to indicate newer versions of an application are available.

An application has a name and a current version number, and passes these two values to a URL which receives the list of more recent versions.

In dbscript, every project has a name, and an optional Update ID. The application name the application passes to the URL must match either of these values.

Similarly, every Project Version has a version identifier, an Update ID and an Update Message. By checking updates, only the versions’ Update ID is considered.

If there are any newer versions (determined by creation date of the version, or the explicitly assigned Version Date), the list of newer versions is returned.

dbscript also takes into account if you assigned project versions to Branches. Then the result is restricted to project versions in the same branch as the inquiring project version.

dbscript provides two URLs to handle update notification requests:

  • checkupdates.aspx returns an HTML page which can be included in a web application using an iframe
  • checkupdates_xml.ashx returns an XML document which can be parsed by the client application

(all dbscript-related terms are capitalized)

The latest version of dbscript is available for download here.

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