Full version of Forms Tool Kit

A couple of years ago I developed a program called Forms Toolkit which was designed to be a more comfortable tool than Oracle Forms Developer for batch manipulation and batch search of .fmb source files.

Even though the application was never marketed in big style, the evaluation version seems to be available from several download sites, and has been downloaded from my site alone nearly 200 times during the last year.

The main features of Forms Toolkit include:

Searching, Replacing, and Setting Property Values

  • Search:   Search for exact value or value range
  • Replace:   Replace search results by fixed or calculated value
  • Set:   Assign fixed value

Adding and Deleting Objects

  • Add:   Copy and reference (subclass) objects
  • Delete:   Delete matching objects

Filtering Objects

  • Restrict the objects to be search and modified by defining filter criteria:
  • Object type, object name
  • Property values
    of the object or the parent object

More Functionality

  • Define projects containing all Forms files of an application
  • Save the definition of a search or replace operation to file
  • Combine several single operations as a batch operation
  • Object and property browser
  • Extract quoted texts and display text properties
  • Detailed protocol
  • Files supported by Forms Open API: fmb, pll, mmb, olb

Forms Toolkit supports Oracle Forms Developer versions 6i, 9i, and 10g.

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