Accessing MediaWiki via JSON API

In its first version, YuJisho provided a web search interface to a collection of freely available dictionaries. The obvious extension to that principle is to include other encyclopedias and online dictionaries as well.

MediaWiki wikis not only display their contents in the /wiki/ root directory, but also provide a Query API via the /w/api.php URL. This API provides results in various formats, among them JSON, which is typically used by JavaScript clients.

JavaScript code can query this API to search for article titles in a given wiki. jQuery implements the getJSON() method to asynchronously retrieve results. If more than one request is to be executed, the ajax() method has to used with the parameter mode set to ‘queue’.

Out of all available Wikimedia projects, and languages have been selected that are most closely related to CJK characters (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) or for which most translations exist in the data (English, German, French, Russian).

So from now on, if you search on YuJisho (for example: 東京 (Tokyo), 北京 (Beijing)), every result page will automatically perform a JavaScript search in various wikis, and provide links to the relevant wiki pages.

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