Analyzing Files and Directories used in Visual Studio Solution

The latest version of my application VS Solution Dependency Visualizer extracts information of all files included in projects and solution folders. This information is summarized to display the list of directories used in single projects or the whole solution.

Another new feature is to display the projects referencing a selected assembly.

Dependency charts are now displayed inside the application, and can be saved as .png or .dia files from the dependency chart viewer window.

The complete feature list

  • Installs into context menu of .sln files
  • Hierarchical view of projects in solution folders
  • Select projects to be included in dependency analysis
  • Command line supports multiple .sln file parameters
  • Display projects in solution
  • Display assemblies referenced by projects (including GAC and system assemblies)
  • Display used directories
Solution Folders
  • Display contained files
  • Display used directories
  • Display referenced projects and assemblies
  • Display referencing projects
  • Display files in project
  • Display used directories
Dependency Chart
  • Display dependency chart in separate window
  • Display dependencies between projects
  • Display assembly dependencies of projects
  • Display dependencies between solution folders
  • Zoom and full-size
  • Save dependency chart as .png
  • Save dependency chart as .dia for editing

The latest release (version 0.50) of VS Solution Dependency Viewer is available for download here.

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