Mapped Network Drives not listed in .Net and WMI

I experienced a strange phenomenon on my PC: various .Net methods and WMI classes that retrieve drive and disk information would not include the mapped network drives:





A query for Win32_MappedLogicalDisk seems to hang.

The only method that worked was enumerating Win32_NetworkConnection. (All the drives showed in Explorer)

Now I need to add that I shut down a couple of Windows services when I set up this PC, and it seems that one of them was vital to providing mapped drives to .Net and WMI.

After re-activating the Windows Services “Virtual Disk Service” (vds) and “WMI Performance Adapter” (wmiApSrv), the APIs listed above also included the network drives.

The information seems to be cached somewhere, as shutting down both services again still listed the network drives.

I could not find any evidence on the ‘net that these service were the culprit, but it seems to have solved my problem.

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