Recently I had to analyze a couple of files for an import procedure using grep and find and sort and uniq and, wait, there is still no uniq command in Windows?

After giving up sketching a solution using cmd batch, I thought about writing a two-liner uniq command in C#.

Then, brainstorming set in, and a couple of command-line utilities came to mind that could be implemented in a command-line tool kit.

Of course, since this all would be implemented in a .Net language, I could make use of .Net concepts such as Encodings and CultureInfos. To support a broad range of Windows/.Net installations, the utilities are built for both .Net 3.5 and 4.0.

I am certainly aware of other utility collections such as UnxUtils, NirCmd, Cygwin, and MinGW, and therefore I will implement only commands that are useful, interesting to code, and/or might make use of additional .Net functionality.

The next couple of posts will deal with utilities in the collection.

The first version of is available for download here, and contains the commands listci, listenc, netenv, netver, datetime, df, enc, guid, tee, xslt, uniq.

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  2. […] the command that prompted the creation of in the first place: […]

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