Finding all Namespaces in a C# Project or Solution

To get an overview on which namespaces are declared in a (known or unknown) C# project or solution, you can simple run your favorite grep tool on your source directories:

grep -r "^namespace " *  --include=*.cs --exclude-dir=*Test* 
    --exclude=*designer.cs > files-namespaces.txt

Here, the -r switch causes recursive search through all subdirectories, –include names the files to search, –exclude-dir and –exclude the directories and files to exclude from the search. The result is written to a file.

This will produce a list of all namespace declarations.

Using the uniq command of the command line utilities we can find all unique namespaces:

grep -r "^namespace " *  --include=*.cs --exclude-dir=*Test* 
    --exclude=*designer.cs -h | sort 
    | uniq > namespaces.txt

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