WordPress XML Export Converter updated

While preparing this blog’s Table of Contents page I noticed that my WordPress tool wpxslgui would not process WP’s Export XML as it did before.

I noticed that the export format had changed from




and after fixing the .xsl files, the tool worked again.

I used the opportunity to fix the file operations to read and write UTF-8 encoded files, as was suggest in a previous comment.

I also modified the .xsl files to output published posts only. The previous versions ignored the “published” flag and would output drafts and feedback entries.

The main features of wpxslgui remained the same:

  • Convert WordPress XML to HTML Table of Contents with links to the original blog
  • Convert WordPress XML to a single HTML file allowing filter by category (JavaScript)
  • Convert WordPress XML to Word HTML document (can be saved as .doc or .docx in Word)

After downloading the latest version of wpxslgui, export your WordPress blog to XML (select “All content”), and convert the file into any of the supported output formats.

2 thoughts on “WordPress XML Export Converter updated

  1. Hmm, that’s super interesting… I’m going to give this a go in future. Is there a possibility of rolling this product into something non-windows based or making it available on the web? Would be great if we could send and the WXR file over and then it would come back as .docx.

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