Analyzing Visual Studio Solutions

VS Solution Dependency Visualizer was originally started as a tool to generate dependency charts of projects and assemblies contained in a Visual Studio Solution (.sln) file.

As the program evolved, textual analysis features have been included: display lists of referencing and referenced projects and assemblies, list containing directories, etc.

The new version 0.70 of VS Solution Dependency Visualizer adds more analysis functions:

List Project Properties

displays Output Type, Assembly Name, Root Namespace, and Framework Version

List Namespaces

analyzes C# projects for namespace declarations

List Web URLs

extracts the URLs of Web Application projects

List Web Service URLs

extracts URLs of .asmx files and web service declarations from app.config.

Dependency Chart

The application’s user interface has been re-worked so that the dependency chart is now contained in a tab of the (single) main window.

Project Coupling

displays coupling metrics indicating stability and responsibility of included projects.

More screenshots can be viewed in the gallery. As usual, the latest release of VS Solution Dependency Viewer is available for download here.

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