Fixing the AjaxControlToolkit ColorPicker

The Ajax Control Toolkit ColorPicker adds a dynamic color palette to an asp:TextBox and sets the textbox’s value to the hex value of the selected color.

There are two problems with the control (.Net 3.5 build 51116 of Nov 2011):

  • First, the OnClientColorSelectionChanged JS event is not fired if the user edits the textbox manually.

To fix this problem, you need to add two properties to the asp:TextBox declaration

onchange="javascript: colorTextChanged(this);" 
onkeyup="javascript: colorTextChanged(this);"

and implement a JavaScript function

function colorTextChanged(sender) {
    // sender is the textbox, sender.value is the edited color
  • Second, the color palette does not show if you set the SelectedColor property from code

The bug report I found on this topic is quite dated (Sep 2009), so nobody seems to care. The solution provided certainly worked for older versions of ACT, but needs to be adjusted (AjaxControlToolkit vs. Sys.Extended.UI) to look like this:

Sys.Application.add_init(function() {
    // Store the color validation Regex in a "static" object off of   
    // Sys.Extended.UI.ColorPickerBehavior.  If this _colorRegex object hasn't been   
    // created yet, initialize it for the first time.   
    if (!Sys.Extended.UI.ColorPickerBehavior._colorRegex) {
        Sys.Extended.UI.ColorPickerBehavior._colorRegex = 
            new RegExp('^[A-Fa-f0-9]{6}$');


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