Support for VB.Net in VS Solution Dependency Visualizer 0.90

VS Solution Dependency Visualizer user janv8000 asked whether it would be possible to add analysis of VB.Net projects to vssdv. Until version 0.80, only C# projects were supported.

I had a look through the source code and was surprised that there were only a couple of places that caused the restriction to C#. After modifying teh codez to include VB.Net projects, I just needed a real-world VB.Net to test the new functionality. I knew that DNN changed from VB to C# in version 6, so I downloaded the source code of version 4 and 5 to run my tests.

See the results here.

Resulting png’s show the dependency analysis of the DNN solutions from version 4 thru version 6, both with dependencies between source code projects, and dependencies on referenced project assemblies (without GAC assemblies).

Another issue that bugged me for quite some time now was the poor performance during dependency analysis. The root of the bug lay in a Linq statement which effectively caused a nested loop, and was resolved by replacing a .Where() condition by a Dictionary of respective types.

As usual, the latest release of VS Solution Dependency Viewer is available for download here.

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