Supplementary Characters in C#

Inspired by my posting about supplementary characters in SQL Server 2012, I checked the capabilities of .Net to support supplementary characters:

string s143743 = "𣅿";
Console.WriteLine(new StringInfo(s143743).LengthInTextElements.ToString());
string s131518 = "𠆾𠇀𠇃";
Console.WriteLine(new StringInfo(s131518).LengthInTextElements.ToString());

The results are

Length: 2
LengthInTextElements: 1
Length: 6 
LengthInTextElements: 3

As you can see, the string.Length property returns the number of 16-bit words (= .Net char structure) the string contains. To handle supplementary characters correctly in .Net, you need to use the StringInfo class.

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