DNN 6.0 “The Child Site Name You Specified Already Exists”

Just tried to test the DotNetNuke 6.0.4 “export/import templates” functionality in preparation of the deployment process.

To export your site, go to Host/Site Management, hover over Manage, and select the Export Site Template menu. Select the site, enter template file name and description, check “Include Content”, and hit Export Template. (source)

This will create the files mytemplatefilename.export.data.template (XML file) and mytemplatefilename.export.data.template.resources (zip file) in the DNN directory Portals/_default.

To import, click the Add New Site menu on the Manage button. Select the saved template from the dropdown box. (source)

Attention: If you happen to enter a trailing slash in the Site Alias field, DNN displays the following error message:

The Child Site Name You Specified Already Exists. Please Choose A Different Child Site Name.

Which is funny, because you cannot enter a site name. Nowhere. Ever. It’s always Site Alias, Title, but never Name.

Fortunately, I found this bug report stating exactly the problem I had. I had already checked file system permissions etc., but did not find anything obvious. Removing the trailing slash allowed me to create the cloned site.

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