Goodbye, ScrewTurn Wiki

Earlier this month, Dario announced the end of ScrewTurn wiki. Despite a huge number of downloads (>300.000), the project was not a financial success (read: commercial licenses did not sell well enough).

My interest in ScrewTurn Wiki started when I enabled my database versioning and documentation application dbscript to generate database documentation both into ScrewTurn 2.0 and ScrewTurn 3.0. I even experimented with a Page Storage Provider for STW 2, but dropped it later because static generation performs better than dynamic generation (read: my page provider needed a lot of CPU).

The source code will be kept on Bitbucket, but everything else will be thrown into the memory hole. What a pity.

The comments mention another .Net-based OS wiki, Road Kill, but from a first look, the download numbers are low, and there seems to be a problem storing or displaying Unicode characters in articles. I’m not convinced.

Any other .Net wikis out there?

3 thoughts on “Goodbye, ScrewTurn Wiki

  1. Good luck with finding an elegant alternative to STW. I loved that application. It needed a little more maturity(search, search, search) before our company was going to move forward with a license purchase. I really hope that a talented team such as Threeplicate (which seems to have disbanded) will pick this up and run with it!

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  3. back in 2012 too… i’m still shocked with this.

    and thinking: what about to get ScrewTurn Wiki back again?

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