[Insert Programming Language] Bashing

Everybody who has been programming for a while hopefully has found their favorite programming language(s), framework(s) and tools. From my Category Cloud, you can easily find out where I feel most fluent and comfortable, and the “comfort zones” are constantly evolving and/or changing. (I should really add ASP.Net MVC and JavaScript to that list 😉 )

Going hand in hand is the tendency of avoiding other languages, etc., due to lack of knowledge, experience, or because they are considered technically inferior. Recently, I came across a couple of pages bashing PHP, such as on Coding Horror (again!) referring to this blog which analyses the shortcomings of that language.

I guess, while this criticism will have no impact on Real PHP Programmers ™, it should certainly influence people evaluating other languages to avoid it, since the technical reasons NOT to start a PHP project seem overwhelming. (this here deals with “loose comparison“, as documented on PHP.net, and compared to Perl)

So is PHP special? Let’s ask Google:

td>VB.Net bashing
language + “bashing” hist
PHP bashing 8.500.000
Powershell bashing 3.000.000 *
VisualBasic bashing 2.300.000
Delphi bashing 1.600.000
C# bashing 1.300.000
JavaScript bashing 1.200.000
VBA bashing 600.000
Java bashing 600.000
VB bashing 500.000

Powershell reports 3 million hits, but from the first look that’s mostly due to comparisons of Powershell with Bash and other shells.

Let’s have a look at databases

database + “bashing” hist
MySQL bashing 3.000.000
Oracle bashing 500.000
SQL Server bashing 300.000

MySQL, SQLite, and Postgres are difficult to compare, again because of references to Bash shell programming.

Superficially judging from the numbers, I think we have a winner, though.

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