Latest Firefox issues

I honestly get more and more reluctant to update each and every piece of software, simply because UPDATES BREAK EVERYTHING.

Most recently example: Firefox.

As a happy user of Firefox since Netscape I occasionally dare to update the software (I mentioned reluctance? I stayed on 3.6.x until an upgrade to 8 or so was unavoidable). The last version that ran smoothly for me was 13.0.

Then came 13.0.1, and problems started: When you opened a link in a new tab, Firefox lost focus after a couple of seconds. From the bug reports I read it seemed to be a problem with the Flash plugins. No rescue in sight.

I noticed that the scrolling was swifter, though. Subjective impression.

I hoped 14.0.1 would solve that focus problem, just to find out that initial scrolling on a page only started after a delay, sometimes a couple of seconds, with CPU usage hogging one core. Plus, the focus problem remained.

I also noticed that the font in the address bar and search bar was a bit smaller, and looked slightly distorted and blurred.

Not amused.

So, back to Firefox 13.0.

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