Fifth Anniversary

Dear Diary

In the last 12 months, I started working on MS CRM applications, and I recently found jQuery programming extremely interesting.

Regarding my programs, most updates have been made to VS Solution Dependency Visualizer (web), automssqlbackup and wpxslgui have been brought up-to-date.

dbscript and SMOscript need some updates, too, and I hope to find some time for them soon.

I also started the Software Inventory page to find the software that I often work with more easily.

Most interestingly, this year’s posts that got the most hits up to today are related to batch programming, which is not really one of my core areas: Test if Directory exists in Batch file (.cmd) and Test if Network Directory exists in Batch file (.cmd)

Total stats: 455.000 views, 491 posts, more than 10.000 downloads.

Thanks everybody for visiting 😉

2 thoughts on “Fifth Anniversary

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