List Shared Project Files in VS Solution Dependency Visualizer 0.91

A user of VS Solution Dependency Visualizer inherited a couple of copy-and-paste projects and asked whether it was possible to detect which files and directories are used by which projects.

As for directories, if you check the “Include Files” options, click “Analyze”, and switch to the “Analysis” tab, and invoke “List Directories” or “List Project Directories”,  VS Solution Dependency Visualizer displays all directories used by files in any project of the opened solution, either for the whole solution, or per project.

The updated version 0.91 also implements the options “List Files” and “List Project Files”, again displaying the list of files in the whole solution, or per project. (This List Files function was implemented in earlier versions as part of the display of a solution or project node in the tree view, but removed in the meantime)

I also added an analysis function “List Shared Project Files” which displays all files that are part of at least 2 projects in a solution (i.e. files that have been added using the “Add As Link” button).

In the tree view display of the Analysis tab, the names of the shared (or linked) files are displayed as root nodes, and the projects that contain them as child nodes.

As usual, the latest release of VS Solution Dependency Viewer is available for download here.

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