Installing TypeScript in Visual Studio 2010

After my lengthy introduction on how I finally got interested in developing in JavaScript and in the promises of TypeScript, here is how to install TypeScript in Visual Studio 2010.

The TypeScript homepage only refers to installing TypeScript in VS 2012, and the MS download page states

TypeScript for Visual Studio 2012 will install when Visual Studio 2012 is not installed, and provide the TypeScript compiler.

However, this answer on SO indicates a solution for VS2010:

  • Download the installer package (most current is TypeScriptSetup.0.8.0.msi)
  • Run the installer package to install the TypeScript compiler
  • Extract the .msi using 7zip
  • Copy or rename the extracted TypeScriptLS.vsix_File to TypeScriptLS.vsix
  • Run the .vsix file
  • The installer states it will install TypeScript support for VS 2010
  • (Close and) Open Visual Studio 2010

After successful installation, Visual Studio provides:

  • a new project type named “HTML Application with TypeScript”
  • a new item type named “TypeScript File”

If you do not find the new types immediately, simply type “Type” in the search box of the Add New dialog.

5 Responses to Installing TypeScript in Visual Studio 2010

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  2. sgjl says:

    For your information, i use your technique with TypeScriptSetup.0.8.2.msi (1/21/2013) and everythings works well !


  3. Adi says:

    “Extract the .msi using 7zip”

    What a msi? did you mean the installer of TypeScript?

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