Something is wrong in the state of Denmark, or somewhere else?

Your company name contains the word “Home”? Too bad you won’t have customers from Denmark if this story (German) from (and others) is to be believed, which links to this (machine-translated) story on

Funny enough, if you google for the keywords Telenor and homelifespain (the supposed blocker and the supposed domain name), you only get German news stories starting with the sentences

Der dänische Provider Telenor sperrt jetzt die Webseite Ein Gericht hatte die Sperre angeordnet, weil das Wort “Home” die Markenrechte eines anderen Immobilienmaklers verletzt.

Could it be a hoax intended to warn us about abusing laws “extended” over their original intension? Will this story live on in conspiracy theories?

So much fun!


Telenor confirmed the report per email on 18 Jan 2013:

I can confirm that Telenor Denmark since December has been blocking the domain, as a result of the trial at the District Court at Frederiksberg.

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