Cancelling a Sleeping Task

Preparations for an executable (application or service) that will implement different Tasks. Some of the tasks will work continuously, while other will only perform their operations periodically with long intervals (hours) betwen the operations.

Of course, simple techniques such as Busy waiting must be avoided, and Sleep looping (why isn’t that a Wikipedia entry?) is not what I am looking for. And calling Thread.Sleep() with a long timeout value cannot be cancelled while the thread is sleeping.

The alternative I found was to use WaitHandle.Wait(), which waits for an event and also accepts a timeout as the maximum time to wait for the event.

My first approach was to create a ManualResetEvent that the task is Wait()ing for, and trigger that event when the cancellation is triggered:

static void SleepTaskMethod(int s, CancellationToken t)
  var mre = new ManualResetEvent(false);

  // cancellation fires MRE
  t.Register(() =>
    Console.WriteLine("Cancellation " + s);
  }, true);

  while (!t.IsCancellationRequested)
    Console.WriteLine("loop/sleep " + s);

    // wait for MRE (cancellation) or timeout
    Console.WriteLine("waitone " + s + " " + mre.WaitOne(5000));

  Console.WriteLine("\nEnd " + s);

Then I found that a CancellationToken also exposes a WaitHandle, and rewrote the code as

static void SleepTaskMethod(int s, CancellationToken t)
  while (!t.IsCancellationRequested)
    Console.WriteLine("loop/sleep " + s);

    Console.WriteLine("waitone " + s + " " + t.WaitHandle.WaitOne(5000));

  Console.WriteLine("\nEnd " + s);

For both solutions, the task is invoked and cancelled using the same code:

var cts = new CancellationTokenSource();
var tasks = new List();
tasks.Add(new Task(() => { SleepTaskMethod(dummy, cts.Token); }));
foreach (var t in tasks)

Console.WriteLine("press key to stop tasks");
Console.WriteLine("\nstopping task");


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